Excursion Super Duty w/ Oval – 2016 OEM Style (3 Piece)

Excursion 3 Piece - Super Duty & Oval
Excursion 3 Piece - Super Duty & Oval
This kit allows you to add the Super Duty Logo and Oval to your Ford Excursion.

This styling was only available to newer Ford trucks and started after the Excursion was discontinued in 2005.

This is a great first step to upgrading your Excursion to the newer Ford styling.

Manufactured by TPS Industries LLC.

What’s included in the Kit?

Below is a list of contents that are included with the kit.

  • 1x hand laid fiberglass panel with the word SUPER on it and line on top to match 2016 OEM styling
  • 1x hand laid fiberglass panel with the word DUTY on it and line on top to match 2016 OEM styling
  • 1x hand laid fiberglass panel with an OVAL indentation for the 9″ OEM Ford Logo (Ford Logo not included with kit)

Things you will need

This kit requires expert body work for a successful installation. Ordering this kit, you probably already know that. Below is a list of supplies you will need to complete the installation.


  • Grinder (Cutting Blades & Grinding Blades)
  • Fiberglass and Resin
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Body Filler
  • Paint Gun


  • Marker
  • Measuring Tape
  • Masking Tape
  • Body Filler & Supplies for Body Work
  • Automotive Paint

Installation Instructions

Determine Placement

Look at the rear doors of the Excursion and mark locations of where you want the Oval and Super Duty to go. Please note, in this install we did not install it with the line on top of the Super Duty, the kit comes with it but it is more difficult to install. The rear doors of the Ford Excursion are made out of Fiberglass and so is our kit so it bonds together well using a good fiberglass filler.

Make cut outs for the inserts

What you need to remember here is that you will need to trim down all of the pieces in the kit we send to you. Make the holes for the inserts big enough to fit the insert after you trim it AND leave enough room for you to do body work without effecting the logos. You should leave about a quarter inch of space all around.

Use supports to install the inserts

Using the pieces from the Excursion that you cut out for the inserts, create several strips that are taller than the cut out. As shown in the pictures below. Use fiberglass filler to attach them.

You can see in the image here that we have installed 10 support strips

Test Fit and Surface Prep

Trim all of the pieces and test the fitting. You should leave around a quarter inch for the fiberglass filler around the hole inserts.

TIP: The OVAL will need to be cut in half. Have a 9″ Ford Oval Logo handy to make sure it will have the correct measurements. It’s a good idea to cut the OVAL insert and logo at the same time.

After all of the pieces are prepped and test fitted. Score all of the supports, edges of the cut out and inserts pieces to ensure they will get a good bond with the fiberglass filler.

Installation of Inserts

Apply fiberglass filler to supports

TIP: Do this for both sides are the same time. You will have a little bit of time before curing to adjust and make sure both sides are level with each other.

Now apply fiberglass filler all around logos

Repeat this process for the OVAL:


After the fiberglass filler has cured, come back and body work the entire area with filler. Then prime it.